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The Blueprint

Our Story

Meet your owners, Dawnn Dukes and Angela Howard.

This is our story.


​After being bedside nurses for a combination of 25+ years, we decided to network. We attended a nurse brunch in Greenville, South Carolina, where we were given the pleasure of listening to a local nurse practitioner who gave lots of knowledge and information regarding the different avenues you have as a nurse. 


​Most nurses will tell you that they love what they do but not being tied down to the long hours, feeling unappreciated and unvalued, and the stressors of the job. They (we) want to help but still have the freedom to live life on our schedule. She then spoke about how she attended a nurse's week similar to what we were in, where she learned about IV hydration. She began to speak on how it offers freedom and gratitude. She was offering an IV hydration business course in Atlanta, Georgia, which we took advantage of. 


​After attending the class, we were more than determined that this was something we wanted to do. We left, and the work began following her blueprints, with lots of advice along the way. Ultimately, we were able to open Divine Hydration IV Lounge in Piedmont, SC, transitioning from bedside to business owners. If we can do it, so can you.

Let our story be your blueprint.

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